WHALE-L / MY-1312

Introducing Whale-C, a quiet vibrator designed and produced by ImoonToy. There are three powerful features that make this vibrator stand out. First, it is a dual-use vibrator for every generator. The Whale-C dual vibrating massager can be used as both a clitoral massage wand and a vibrator, offering two ways of pleasure at the same time. Second, the Whale-C vibrator is produced in body-safe silicone, which ensures its safety. At the same time, this type of silicone is water-resistant, which makes it super easy to clean after every use, ensuring your personal hygiene. Finally, the advanced technology we put into this product, featuring a dual motor, multi-vibration frequency, low operation noise, and more, makes this one of the best anal vibrators that we produce. Enhance your shop's or brand's offerings with a Whale-C quiet vibrator.


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