OEM ——Original Equipment Manufacturer
ODM ——Original Design Manufacturer
Submit Customization Requirements
Clients can submit product customization requirements to us by such means as e-mail or whatsapp , including preferred product color, functional needs and other product requirements.
Confirm Customization Requirements
To determine the direction of design so that we can do a better job finishing the task, we will have a complete understanding of the detailed requirements through mutual and timely communications with the clients according to the requirements stated.
Design 2D-3D Pictures
After confirming the clients' requirements, we will start making molds if the clients can provide 2D or 3D pictures for us. If clients have no 2D or 3D pictures, we will get started on design drawings according to clients' product requirements. We will draw 2D pictures first, then 3D pictures and lastly confirm with clients.
Make Molds
After confirming detailed product requirements and pictures, clients should pay 30% of the total fee for customization as advance payment. We will strictly carry out the standardized work of production, starting from making molds in full accordance with the design drawings and requirements finally confirmed by clients. Period: 15 days
Formal Template
After the mold comes out, we will make the formal template and confirm with clients about its structure, then move on to the next step.
Produce Molds
After the clients' confirmation about the structure, we will start producing molds.
Small-batch Trial-Production
We get started on the proofing of the production template and color template according to the template confirmed before, then carry out trial production in small batches. In the process, we also will get the products pre-tested on such properties as water-resistance, aging and shatter-resistance to ensure good product quality and the realization of functional needs.Production Period: 10 days
Mass Production
If the products pass the pre-tests and clients accept them after checking, the remaining fee for customization should be paid to start mass production. In the meantime, we will have all the design files organized, packed and then sent to clients. Last but not least, we will assist clients in solving after-sale problems. At this point, the whole customization process is completed. Period: 30 days

Dong Guan Imoon Technology CO.,LTD

Dong Guan Imoon Technology CO.,LTD established in 2013, a professional manufacturer of adult products and medical rehabilitation products located in Shenzhen,China, and exporting to Asia, America.

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