Female sex toys

This is a very beautiful, stylish and elegant vibrator. The U-shaped design makes this toy an ideal choice for beginners, as it can find the G-spot very well. Many vibrators are bulky or bulky in design, but ours looks sleek and compact. A good start is half the battle, and when your journey of sexual discovery begins with one of our vibrators, you’re guaranteed to have a great journey! You’ll also discover the wonderful world of sex toys.

Color :

Customize your own color

U-shaped design

designC-spot and G-spot have orgasm together, internal and external integration makes it more pleasurable

Safety silicone

Smooth and skin friendly, safe entry into the body,
experiencing healthy orgasms

10 vibration

1th-3th: for adjusting the vibration intensity
4th-10th: vibration frequency adjustment

Battery life

90 minute endurance power, wave after wave of climax
You can calculate for yourself how many orgasms this means.

IPX6 Water proof

A relaxing bathtub, a pool party, and wherever you want to be,
it will bring you a happy climax.

≤45 dB

Ultra quiet motor technology eliminates interference
and focuses on pure happiness.

Packing list


・Gift box*1

・usb data cable*1

・Instruction Manual*1

Model number: MY-237

Dimensions: 6.7*1.45*1.4in


Material quality: silicone + ABS

Working decibel: ≤45dB

Charging Port: USB + Magnetic

Waterproof : IPX6

Vibration frequency: 10 vibration

Battery type: 600mah Lithium battery

Charging time: 120-160 min

Maximum working time: 70-90 min

Discreet Packaging

Packaged in plain boxes with a discreet shipping label , orders are shipped from I-MOON Factory

Global Delivery

Products are delivered worldwide by sea container EXW/ FOB / FCA / CIF or air DDP / DAP

Tingling pleasure

Flexible vibration and compression to indulge in numbing pleasure

10 kinds of fancy vibrations

Break through the cold mechanical feeling, become comfortable and agile

10 frequency vibration
I understand your inner desire and take you straight to the sky to find your own happiness.


Product overview

How to use

1. Add a few drops of your favorite erotic lubricant to the vibrator.

2. Gently rub the vibrator against the vagina and surround the clitoris to induce sexual desire.

3. Indulge yourself and play with different modes and intensities until your passion erupts and your climax surges.

Full body waterproof

Full body waterproof Not afraid of getting wet The underwater pleasure bathroom can be flushed before and after use

Immersive pleasure

Be alone at night and enjoy immersive pleasure without disturbing others

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